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Let’s change the language of biometrics (Human Recognition Systems blog)
“The consumer market will not suit the current market leaders in the biometrics industry of today as they are geared towards direct sales to a limited number of large customers. The consumer market will demand innovation in small packages, readily integrated with existing technology and in a totally hassle-free format. It will require collaboration, an understanding of current technology convergence trends and most of all, a foolhardy bravery to go where no other company has gone before.”

We couldn’t agree more.

FIDO looking to bring Touch ID to Android in 6 months (IntoMobile) — All is proceeding as we have foreseen.

NIGERIA: Lagos Begins Biometric Verification Of Pensioners (PM News)

Biometric plan to track entry, exit of foreign visitors won’t be ready until 2015 (Newspaper Tree – El Paso, Texas)

M2SYS BLOG: Why Apple’s use of Fingerprint Biometrics is Boon to Industry, not the Modality

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