Lessons Learnt From UID Data Loss (
Flashback: Tuesday, April 23, 2013 – That’s not good: 300,000 UID enrollments lost in hard drive crash

TSA set to expand pre-check, biometrics (FCW)

Ohio Woman ordered to spend next 5 Christmases in jail for driver’s license scam (Columbus Dispatch)

NFL teams might start checking draft prospects’ tattoos after Aaron Hernandez mess (Yahoo)

Immigration Department audits reveal large-scale fraud of visa system by Indian students and workers (ABC)“That was a porous, very bad system”

Could Thermal Imaging Soon Replace Fingerprint and Iris Scans? (M2SYS blog) — Short answer: No, at least not any time soon. A biometric modality depending on the vasculation of the face is, however, an interesting idea because unlike most novel biometric modalities, face biometrics and vascular biometrics are fairly well understood. The further into the future you look and the higher the value of the identification transaction, the better the technology looks.

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