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3D scanner has biometric applications

Kind of a way of making templates that will allow the recreation of all sorts of three dimensional objects — Researchers develop 3-D reconstruction software (Phys.org)

This software performs a 3D scan of the original mechanical parts or faces to obtain a virtual model of the real dimensions of objects or parts that are no longer manufactured so they can be reproduced, said Jorge Luis Nuñez Flores, professor at the Department of Electronics of the University Center for Science in Engineering (CUCEI) of UDG.

“The reconstruction technique involves the projection and acquisition of binary patterns (stripes of clear and dark lights, deployed vertically and horizontally) using a commercial projector and a digital camera,” says Nuñez Flores.

Very clever, really. But unlike biometric templates, this technology is specifically made to help “reverse engineer” the original 3D object. So, in a way, this is a lot more like a data compression tool, than a biometric template generator.

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