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A modest proposal

Time to shape our biometric future (The Age)

…[W]hile biometrics are indeed an important tool and will be part of future security solutions, we cannot afford “biometric creep”, a situation in which we gradually cede our privacy. Now is the time to have the debate to determine what an acceptable biometric future will look like.

The article linked above, by a thoughtful former federal police officer, is worth reading in its entirety.

We offered a framework for this debate in the early days of this blog. The tone of the series of posts is highly academic but I don’t think they suffer because of it.

The posts titles are:
Debating biometrics [Introduction]
Part I: The Right to Privacy
Part II: The Nature of Consent
Part III: Transparency
Part IV: A Framework for the Discussion of Privacy Issues
Part V: Filling in the framework; Absolute advocacy dos and don’ts
Part VI: Filling in the framework, subjectivity and interpretation

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