Introducing the RUBI—Repository for Universal Biometric Identification

NOVI, Mich. March 20, 2019
Securlinx, a leading provider of identity management solutions, today announced the publication of An Enterprise Perspective for Biometric Identification introducing the Repository for Universal Biometric Identification (RUBI), a white paper authored by Advisory Board member Tom Karson, MD.

“We are extremely proud of the contribution Dr. Karson has made in how to think about enterprise-wide identity management,” said Barry Hodge, CEO of Securlinx, “too often an isolated solution to one problem creates an even larger issue in the future. Tom has been there before and describes a clear path to utilize identity as a strategic asset instead of a tactical patch.”

Craig Workinger Securlinx, General Manager & EVP of Business Development announced the upcoming release of the RUBI white paper at a recent New York State HiMSS Chapter meeting. “Securlinx continues to develop our offerings as outlined within the framework Dr. Karson so eloquently describes. Our vision for the future of identity management is data security focused on the needs of organizations that address healthcare, finance, retail and government verticals as a horizontal platform.  

The Problem—Who Are You Really?

Personal Identity has become a major problem in the complex digital world in which we live.

With today’s increasing requirements for remote access to information, every organization is wrestling with the fundamental question of how to reliably determine with whom they are dealing, whether that individual is already known to that organization, and that person’s relationship and role within that organization.

Tom Karson MD

Dr. Karson is a physician and healthcare IT executive who has served as Corporate Chief Medical Information Officer at Continuum Health Partners, Deputy CIO for Yeshiva University and Medical Director Information Systems at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City. He is a cardiologist, intensivist and Harvard-MIT trained informaticist who has been on the faculty at some of our nation’s most prestigious institutions including the Cleveland Clinic and the Brigham and Women’s Hospital.


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