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Argumentum ad Verecundiam

NFC to stick finger in biometrics banking: Expert (ZDNet)

While Australian banks have been elusive about plans to implement customer-facing biometrics technology, its use in banking will become mainstream in the near future, and may even be used in conjunction with other technologies, like NFC, according to Dr Ted Dunstone.

Since the release last week of a study suggesting that 79% (background here & here) of Australians are open to fingerprint biometrics for banking, the topic has garnered a lot of interest.

Much of the recent press analysis on the subject has taken the form of Argument from Authority (argumentum ad verecundiam for you Latin speakers out there) i.e. talking to experts and writing down what they say.

This type of argument, in itself, is neither good nor bad but it can be done well or poorly. The article linked above is a good example of the former.

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