Securlinx at 2018 IAHSS Annual Conference: Chicago, April 15-17

Craig Workinger, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Securlinx, said: “Healthcare institutions at every level are facing significant security challenges and a dizzying array of technologies and partners that often solve one problem only to create new ones. We take a different approach – a system that works with both the customer’s current infrastructure and new applications. We are pleased to be attending IAHSS conference this year and are looking forward to demonstrating our capabilities and the benefits we offer healthcare organizations.”

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Frost & Sullivan on Mobile payments and biometrics

Biometrics Can Revolutionise Mobile Payment Security, says Frost & Sullivan (Press Release via KIII TV)

With the explosion in smartphones usage, the number of payments done via mobile devices has significantly increased over recent years. As eCommerce becomes mCommerce, the industry has to focus on payment security. During a ‘card not present’ process, a personal account number (PAN), expiration date, and card validation code (CVC) are not enough to completely secure a transaction. Biometrics that provide high levels of security and an intuitive customer experience might be the solution for secure mobile payments.

“Protecting the mobile device itself is a first step, necessary to secure mobile payments. Although a personal identification number (PIN) can do the job, in 2011 more than 60 percent of smartphone users were not using a PIN to protect their mobile access,” noted Frost & Sullivan Global Program Director, ICT in Financial Services, Jean-Noel Georges.

European attitudes on biometrics

Steria surveyed 3,650 citizens from UK, France, Germany, Denmark, Norway and Sweden in June 2013 on their attitudes toward biometric ID management applications (Press Release via Businesswire India)

81% of European citizens are in favour of using biometrics to identify criminals.

69% support the use of biometrics in identity cards or passports.

69% support the use of biometrics to enter secure areas (access control).

45% are in favour of the use of biometrics to replace PIN numbers for bank cards.

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SecurLinx Named Tier 1 Platinum Partner by iPulse Systems

Press Release:

SecurLinx Corporation joins forces with iPulse Systems to provide best in class solutions forbiometric access control in North and South America.

Morgantown, WV September 19, 2012

SecurLinx Corporation has been awarded Tier 1 Platinum Partner status for North America by iPulse Systems of Kempton Park, South Africa. SecurLinx-Brasil will enjoy the same designation for South America. The partnership will enable SecurLinx to integrate the iPulse product line into its access control middleware solutions. “Customers at the high end of security require an end-to-end solution including hardware and software that is completely integrated into their existing information technology infrastructure,” stated Barry Hodge, CEO of SecurLinx. “We evaluated a number of potential suppliers and found iPulse to offer the most robust and interoperable solution available today.” The integration process has been completed and the systems are available for immediate delivery in both markets. The scalable solution is cost effective for a single door and capable of managing access for the largest facility or enterprise.

Gary Chalmers, CEO of iPulse Systems added, “As a specialist manufacturer of biometric hardware, iPulse Systems always looks for partners with an innovative and aggressive approach to high level integration into their software solutions when launching into a new market. SecurLinx have created a seamless solution that provides localized content for our internationally competitive hardware solutions.” “The iPB platform is robust, intelligent and extremely cost effective,” continued Chalmers, who also added “We believe this combination of biometric hardware and software offers the best price to performance ratio available in the market today.”

About SecurLinx:

A wholly owned subsidiary of SecurLinx Holding Corporation (FRA: S8X) and located in Morgantown, West Virginia, SecurLinx is an advanced technology and software development company. The Company offers middleware products and systems applied to information sharing, secure access, and biometric identification. SecurLinx adds increased security, productivity, and seamless information management solutions in targeted markets where secure access to physical locations or information sharing networks is critical to the enterprise.

About iPulse Systems:

iPulse Systems is a South African based technology design company that specializes in developing biometric technology solutions at a hardware, firmware & SDK level for integration into best-of-breed existing software solutions, and where required, building niche market software solutions for specific vertical markets.

[End press release]

We’re extremely pleased with the relationship we have built with the good people at iPulse and we look forward to what lies ahead.

SecurLinx Announces Opening of Brazil Subsidiary

SecurLinx Holding Corporation (FRA: S8X) has continued its expansion plan with the establishment of SecurLinx Brasil.

Based in São Paulo, it will have primary responsibility for marketing biometric identity management solutions for business and law enforcement across Brazil, but will also operate throughout Latin America.

This announcement is the culmination of a six month process of business development market research and regulatory filings required by the Brazilian Central Bank and Revenue Authorities. “The country’s dynamic economy, large population, and security needs have drawn our attention for quite some time. We are excited to be in a position to offer our solutions in the Brazilian market where high-quality, high-technology solutions like the ones we offer are eagerly adopted,” said SecurLinx CEO Barry Hodge. According to Hodge, this gives SecurLinx a foothold in one of the world’s fastest growing and most promising security markets. “We are currently in discussions with potential integration partners that we expect to further multiply our reach and accelerate our market penetration over the next six to twelve months.”

The full text of the press release and a pdf of it is available here.

I’ve been down here in São Paulo helping to get things moving with our new operation here, hence the lighter-than-usual blogging. We’re proud to share the news of our new Brazilian venture and excited for what the future holds.

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