Cross Match Technologies Purchased by Private Equity Firm

I haven’t quite figured out exactly what went down.

The press release from purchasing private equity firm Francisco Partners states pretty clearly that they acquired Cross Match.

Francisco Partners, a leading technology-focused private equity firm, today announced the acquisition of Cross Match Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of high-quality, interoperable biometric identity management systems, applications, and services.

The only seller that I can find who is talking is the UK’s Smiths Group PLC. Their press release:

Smiths Group plc today announces the disposal of its minority stake in Cross Match Technologies Inc for up to $77 million as part of its strategy to manage its portfolio more actively and divest non-core activities. [Emphasis mine.]

Cross Match was and is still privately held so it’s not easy to find out/put a number on the price Francisco Partners paid for Cross Match. The imprecision of the selling price of Smiths Group’s stake, “up to $77 million,” and its proportion of the whole, make valuing the value of the transaction difficult.

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