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Delhi: First rickshaw pullers, now street vendors…

Street vendors concerned about Parliament disruptions holding up bill meant for their protection (Times of India)

“If the bill is passed, the police and municipal officials will not be able to throw us around,” said Champa Ben, a street vendor from Ahmedabad. She has been selling fruits and vegetables on the pavement for the last 28 years. “Yet I have to pay Rs 50 per day as protection money to policemen. Even then, they keep throwing away my wares and harass me,” she said.

NASVI president Manali Shah said the government should provide for recording of biometric measurements of street vendors so that only genuine ones are issued identity cards. “Often we have seen politicians manage licences for their people while genuine street vendors are denied,” she said.

Short and sweet version: The street vendors want it and biometrics can help.

Biometrics can help bring order out of chaos is the post on the biometric registration rickshaw pullers.

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