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Face Recognition Slot Machines

Facial-recognition software to keep problem gamblers away (stuff)

The new technology, created by a Hamilton company, is inspired by airport customs SmartGate technology.

On the surface they seem like ordinary pokie machines, but inside, a hidden camera takes a photo of the player and identifies whether they are a problem gambler. “The machine will take maybe one or two seconds to check their face and life goes on as normal,” says Paul Andrew of company Gaming Inc. “However, for someone who is in the database, the system will recognise them and instantly disable the machine.” The $15 million system works from photos, which at present are provided by problem gamblers themselves as a way to curb their gaming addiction.

Last year Australia wrapped itself around the axle on this issue (see also this). It’s nice to see their neighbors across the Tasman Sea going in a different direction.

I hope the implementation goes well.

Face-Rec helps gambling addicts, reduces fraud

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