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Facial recognition and criminal investigations

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Facial recognition and identifying suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing (Biometric Update)

Since the bombing, authorities have appealed to anyone who was at the event to turn over any video or photo evidence, in hopes that they may hold crucial details in identifying a suspect. Though nothing can be confirmed, particularly in the midst of an investigation, it is likely facial recognition will be used to identify suspects from these photos and videos. So far, the FBI has received more than 2,000 tips.

Auhor Adam Vrankulj strikes the right tone in his article about how facial recognition is going to be applied to investigation of the recent terrible events in Boston. Read the whole thing.

Paul Scheupp, CEO of face recognition technology developer Animetrics weighs in on Fox’s “On the Record,” last night.

Facial recognition technology could prove key in Boston Marathon bombing manhunt – video embed unavailable.

The Boston Marathon bomber: Caught on film? (BBC)
More personal videos are being shot now than ever before, and such footage could help identify the Boston marathon bomber. But how is that footage processed – and could civilians really solve the crime?

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