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“Friends” a threat to your privacy? This facial recognition app might help.

App removes faces from Facebook (SC Magazine)

CeeQ uses sophisticated facial recognition technology developed by National ICT Australia (NICTA) under the $5 million-plus Advanced Surveillance biometric project completed last year.

“It’s designed to help users find photos they are in so they can contact the owners or Facebook to get them taken down,” Abbas Bigdeli, creator of the application and a lead developer at Advanced Surveillance, told SC at the Biometrics Institute conference.

Biometrics offer exciting possibilities for privacy-protection.

Related thoughts…
Security has a lot to do with trust and privacy is a lot like security. Because they’re trusted, it’s far easier for friends to undermine privacy than it is for strangers. They’re more likely to know your secrets and they’re more likely to be connected to those who might care about them. Surprise birthday parties aren’t always surprises.

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