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Don’t junk Aadhaar: It will help NDA government achieve its goals

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has struck the right note by stepping in quickly to clear the confusion on Aadhaar cards and asking to scale up enrollments to 100 crore people over a short period. This will help the government accelerate direct benefit transfers to the poor, reduce leakages and bring down the fiscal deficit.

It looks like India’s new government is giving UID some room to run. 100 crore is a billion people.

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Aadhaar, DBT get a lifeline, Modi to retain, push UPA schemes

Putting to rest speculation about the fate of the UPA government’s flagship Aadhaar project and the Direct Benefits Transfer scheme, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday sought a 100-crore enrolment target under Aadhaar at the “earliest”, also asking officials to look into linking passports with its data.

This is big news indeed.

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