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Illinois: School cafeteria biometrics

Parent gives thumbs down to finger scans (The Telegraph – Alton, IL)

Essentially the same article has appeared perhaps thousands of times in local papers over the last few years.

What makes this one interesting is the process of adoption and communication was unusual and is more explicitly dealt with here than in other articles.

“We adopted the philosophy of ‘every child, every day,'” Moore said. “This means that every child in the district starts every day with something to eat.”

By serving breakfast to every student, the cafeterias must provide the equivalent number of meals served over nine lunch periods in a short span of time each day.

“In order to process that many students quickly, we needed to come up with a different system,” Moore said. “It also allows the students to get through lunch lines faster and have more time for recess.”

Read the whole thing. It’s short.

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