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India: Biometric time-and-attendance with a web portal

Indian government launches website to track attendance of government employees (Economic Times)

Using UIDAI, Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led NDA government has launched a Biometric Attendance System (BAS) for government employees. has been launched to keep a track on the attendance records of employees.

Under the system, an organisation needs to register on the website. According to the website, “A back-end administrator will check the details of the organisation submitted and make the organisation active by assigning it a unique sub-domain which will be the first name of the website.”

This is similar to a system we designed for a customer serving an education ministry in West Africa, only much bigger.

Also, from Business Insider:

In a bid to ensure improved work culture in central government offices, the NDA government has taken a revolutionary step. It has introduced Aadhaar-based biometric attendance systems to monitor and track the work of Central Government employees. The attendance system is now up and running; and you know the best part is that it is accessible even to general public on

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