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India: State of Haryana tightens ID management surrounding orphanages and Child Care Institutions

Now, biometric system for orphanage inmates (Times of India)

In a bid to overhaul the monitoring mechanism in orphanages, the Haryana government is planning to introduce biometric system for inmates and child mapping in every district.

In Gurgaon, over a dozen orphanages and child homes are operating and many of these are yet to be registered as per the recent guidelines issued by the state government. After the shocking Apna Ghar incident, all the orphanages and Child Care Institutions (CCI) have been directed to get registered in the prescribed format before June 30.

The Apna Ghar shelter house incident was a shocking abuse of vulnerable people and I’d be curious to read more about how biometric technologies are to be applied to making sure similar abuses don’t occur.

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