We have a long heritage of working with law enforcement, intelligence and security organizations. We understand the high performance standards they require and the urgency of the challenges they are addressing – and their need to spend public funds wisely.

We help law enforcement organizations meet these challenges. Our solutions enable them to improve public safety and operate more efficiently.

Case Study:
Identifying Criminal Suspects Quickly

Securlinx developed one of the first systems to enable a police department to identify criminal suspects using facial recognition. Implemented for the Jersey City Police Department, the system has helped investigators solve identity inquires more quickly. Officers easily can search a large database, flag possible aliases and create digital lineups to assist in their investigations. Securlinx incorporated the department’s legacy photographic images and integrated its arrest-records and fingerprint databases, greatly improving administrative efficiency and strengthening the integrity of police records for judicial proceedings.

Case Study:
Using biometric tools to return missing children to their families

Securlinx developed the nation’s first system to enable law enforcement officers to identify missing children using the camera embedded in their mobile phone. The AmberView application, named for the nationwide Amber Alert system, was developed for the State of West Virginia.

Using AmberView, an officer can transmit a photographic image from a mobile device and receive a biometric comparison of the child in front of him to the child in the Amber Alert database. The system requires just three keystrokes to acquire the photo, transmit it to the AmberView facial recognition engine and return a result to the officer – all in less than 45 seconds.