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Managing the implementation of public sector biometric time-and-attendance

SOUTH AFRICA: Education still pondering biometrics (IT Web)

KUWAIT: ‘Finger’ Attendance To Stay For Firemen (Arab Times)

INDIA: Teachers blocking biometric attendance, DU faces contempt notice (Indian Express)

These three pieces reminded me of: What Human Resource Managers Can Learn from the President of Guinea’s Move to Eliminate Ghost Workersstill worth reading in its entirety.

Short answer:
In order to achieve top to bottom buy-in, a manager should consider distributing the benefits associated with better identity management techniques among shareholders/stakeholders, managers and workers.

A bonus for on-time attendance (for example) might raise the morale of workers who were always on time, while offering some consolation to those who saw their ability to milk the system reduced.

A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.

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