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The White House Cybersecurity Czar Wants to Kill Your Password (Roll Call)

Michael Daniel, the White House cyber czar, says he isn’t just worried about bad passwords as a security liability. He doesn’t even want the password around anymore at all as a big part of computer security.

“Frankly, I would really love to kill the password dead as a primary security method, because it’s terrible,” Daniel said Thursday.

I reckon the password will live a good while longer, yet. Simply put, it does so much work for so little effort. It’s return on investment is through the roof. Also, we’re at a point where things that aren’t people need to identify themselves to computer systems and they don’t have biometrics.

Biometrics can be used to eliminate passwords in many applications. For higher security identifications, biometrics can be used to stem the tide of increasingly complex passwords and move back toward the simplicity of the PIN.

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