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More biometrics for privacy protection

How to protect your digital life from hackers and viruses (Broadband Genie)
At the end of list of things you should be doing to increase your digital privacy comes this tidbit…

If you want extra security pick up a neat biometric USB stick with fingerprint scanner.

Why locking your mobile device with a fingerprint is a great idea (CSO)

Smartphones and tablets store gigabytes of data. They have banking apps, and apps that access credit card or investment accounts. They connect to email, and social networks. If a mobile device falls into the wrong hands, it’s possible that sensitive information and data could be compromised. That’s why your smartphones and tablets need to be locked down and protected.

One of the rumors floating around about the iPhone 5 is that it might come with fingerprint scanning technology. If it’s true, it would be a game changer for smartphone security.

Biometric technologies can protect individuals against privacy violations.

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