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Most Read Posts of June 2012

Thanks to all who visited and helped spread the word. In case you missed a couple, the following posts generated the most online interest last month.

Four Seventh Grade Girls Bring Facial Recognition to the People (JUNE 1, 2012)

One-Time-Only ID Technologies (JUNE 4, 2012)

Canada Moving Toward Biometric Visitor Visas (JUNE 5, 2012)

What if? Online Real-Time Searchable Sensor Data (JUNE 12, 2012)

More Face Rec Tech for Entertainment (JUNE 12, 2012)

Jobs in Biometrics (JUNE 13, 2012)

Biometrics In Art: DNA Portraits (JUNE 15, 2012)

Does Apple’s Siri store users’ biometrics? (JUNE 28, 2012)

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