Our IdentiTrac API empowers applications with the identity assurance and security of biometrics using industry standard RESTful cloud technology.

REST (REpresentational State Transfer) is an almost universal architectural style used in the cloud to connect software applications globally across the web. Using industrial encryption standards more and more mission-critical business services are communicating and being delivered over the internet. Today medical records, HR software, banking, email, and sales management tools are more likely to be accessed using the convenience and mobility of a web browser than a hard-wired desktop application. Biometrics allow these applications to definitively identify their end users, preload information as needed, and improve the overall user experience while simultaneously enhancing the security of user data.

The IdentiTrac API is a subscription-based service that supports the quick and simple integration of a wide range of biometrics into any application. If your application can access a RESTful interface it can use biometrics to add another identification factor before users are allowed access to sensitive information over the internet.

Securlinx takes your privacy and security seriously. In fact, the whole purpose of the Securlinx API is to make it easier to protect user and data privacy. While using the IdentiTrac API, no personally identifiable information (PII) is exposed to the network. Our Biotokens are encrypted and irreversible and are not connected to any raw biometric enrollment data.

IdentiTrac API help interface for facial recognition:

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