Traditional password logins are a challenge. Over 60% of confirmed data breaches involve weak or stolen passwords. The average Fortune 500 enterprise spends nearly four million every year in I.T. support costs and lost productivity due to password resets. IdentiTrac Authenticator for Windows provides a better way to add a more convenient or secure authentication for Windows log in. Users register a unique face print using the camera on their device. When the user starts their PC, the camera turns on activating IdentiTrac Authenticator for Windows which detects a user’s face print and matches it against registered face prints.

  • It all happens in microseconds.
  • Can be tuned to achieve up to 99.99% accuracy, with the flexibility to dial in convenience and security.
  • Includes state of the art anti-spoofing features, registering different face positions and requiring different poses at log in enables the software to differentiate between a live user and a photo.
  • Includes tools to audit a login photo trail. If a computer is compromised, a photo record of the log in attempts can be easily tracked.

IdentiTrac Authenticator for Windows is available as a white label solution for Windows OEM and application developers. Now it’s easy to add state of the art face authentication to your enterprise solutions. Download a free thirty-day trial for your Windows device (90MB).