Remote parent sign-up; Drop-off and Pick-up logging with advanced audit trail.


Securport is an advanced system for helping parents sign up for early childhood education programs and for schools to record student attendance.

Parents use their smartphone to send identification information and images to the school, together with information about the child to be enrolled, and other adults that are allowed to pick the child up from school.

It’s a completely web-based system – there are no apps to download. The parent simply responds to a link sent by the school by text or email.


For attendance, mobile tablets are used anywhere from curbside to classroom for student check-in.

For pick-up, the tablets are equipped with palm vein technology allow for quick, secure, and accurate identification of adults to retrieve a list of the children in attendance for whom they are responsible.


All of this information is logged for easy report generation, increasing accuracy, reducing errors, and saving time.


And since it’s a real-time cloud-based system, administrators can get up-to-the-minute information on attendance by classroom, school, or system wide. Anywhere. Any time.