Securport for healthcare makes it easier for medical practices to enroll new patients, match patients to their medical records and update insurance eligibility.

The patient responds to a link sent from the healthcare provider via text or email. Patients simply use their smartphone to send a scan of their Photo ID and insurance card along with a selfie. Securport returns that information to the healthcare provider’s office together with verified insurance eligibility information providing identity assurance and important insurance coverage information. And because Securport is a completely web-based system so there are no apps to download, or data stored on the patient’s phone.

Patients arriving at reception use tablets equipped with palm vein technology to check in, allowing for quick, secure, and accurate patient identification. With identity verification now complete the patient can be matched with the correct medical record.

Future patient visits require only palm vein authentication to link the patient to their records. Reducing intake time for increases throughput while allowing more time spent with patients.

For new or existing patients who haven’t used Securport before, on-site registration uses the same mobile tablets to collect the information needed with the results returned in real time. The process ensures positive patient engagement as they work through the process with staff. Wait times will be reduced on subsequent visits leading to higher patient satisfaction and increased staff productivity.

And since it’s a real-time web-based system, anyone involved in patient care, billing, or administration can get the up-to-the-minute information they need. Anywhere. Any time.