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Afghanistan prepares for ePassports (Security Document World)

Kenya: a poor implementation of voting technology (E-lected)

Zambia to pilot biometric National Registration Cards (All Africa)

Aadhaar-linked biometric device to replace plan for smart cards at ration shops (The Hindu)

South Africa struggles with social welfare fraud (UPI)

Long-form posts from the blog this week…

Who’s in my country? That’s a tough one. – With or without biometrics, automated entry/exit systems are complex.

Brazilian ghost doctors have rubber fingers – Does the scam argue for, or against, biometric time-and-attendance systems?

Keeping school lunch biometrics in perspective – If schools are unable to keep data private, biometric template information is the last thing that should concern parents.

Kenya botches biometric election …which should surprise no one.

Older posts that made relevant by this week’s biometrics news…

Schools should consider biometrics to protect personal information

Biometrics and Biostatistics Revisited

The challenges confronting any new biometric modality

Biometrics & ID infrastructure: Perfect is the enemy of good

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