SecurLinx offers a range of biometric and security products for use in physical access, logical access, identification and surveillance. The applications are intended for various market segments including government, gaming and the security industry. The applications are easily customized due to their innovative and modular design for effective deployment in various scenarios outlined below.

One-to-one matching
Uni-modal or multi-modal biometric physical access applications typically used to control access into a secure facility. The application allows deployment at the client sites using the existing personnel databases and infrastructure such as smartcard or proxy card hardware.
One-to-many matching
Uni-modal or multi-modal biometric applications intended to be used primarily for identification using large databases. E.g. Applications that allow searching a law enforcement database of known felons using a facial photograph to determine an unknown suspect’s identity.
Facial Recognition for surveillance or access control
Real-time closed-circuit facial recognition application for identity management and access control. The system is designed for use by security personnel at points of interest throughout secure facilities.