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7 Reasons Passwords Are Doomed – Finally (ReadWrite Enterprise)

Passwords control your life. From accessing work email and stock prices on the go to checking a grocery store shopping list, passwords have become the primary source of identifying who you are. They are arguably more important than your driver’s license.

But with that ubiquity comes risk – this tiny, yet powerful device contains enough information to expose your financial or health records and other personal details. From an enterprise perspective, the risks are just as great, if not greater.

Ubiquity also creates confusion. On average, password reset requests make up 10% – 30% of all IT helpdesk calls. It’s a productivity black hole.

Granted, despite their problems, passwords have shown incredible staying power. But here are seven reasons why they will finally fade away.

The reasons Toby Rush, EyeVerify CEO, gives for the decline of the password as a human authentication method are good ones.

Humans, however, aren’t the only things that must identify themselves to IT infrastructure. Computers have to do it too. For that reason, it’s hard to foresee the extinction of the password but that might not matter much. Long passwords don’t bother computers nearly as much as they bother people.

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