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The magic game-changer

Direct benefit transfer: Not a panacea, but a likely game changer (VC Circle)

Here’s the conclusion:

Yet, the basic idea of providing entitlement benefits directly to the beneficiary bank account through technologically superior, cheaper and more efficient distribution channels can hardly be questioned. The process is likely to have large positive macroeconomic externalities. Unfortunately, rather than deliberating on the larger issues, the ongoing debate on DBT is getting bogged down in the discussion of ulterior motives, teething and implementation concerns and thereby missing the wood for the trees.

I’d emphasize “cheaper”. The discussion of the macroeconomic externalities is something you don’t see too much of when UID is discussed.

This is one of those times where the temptation to just poach the whole article is strong. Click through and read the whole thing. There’s not a wasted paragraph among the eight in this compact and thoughtful piece.

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