Thursday roundup

There’s just too much news on biometrics and ID today to do it all justice so here are a few blog-worthy stories I just couldn’t get to:

US Private Sector Homeland Security Market – 2012 Edition. There is a trend towards upgrading of outdated security infrastructure, including cyber security, chemical & HAZMAT industry security, smart grid security, perimeter security, biometric ID, IT systems and workforce & visitors screening systems. Over the next five years, the US private sector HLS market is forecast to grow at a CAGR of 7.7% from $8.6 billion in 2011 to $12.4 billion by 2016.

Palm scanners to pay for school lunch concern some Maryland parents. About 20 percent of parents have declined to participate in the program.

Cameroon: Here Comes Biometric Voter Recompilation. The recompilation of the electoral register using biometric technology is intended to tackle problems of multiple registration and other noticed lapses so that future elections in the country are transparent, free, fair and credible.

The Defense Manpower Data Center is making it easier for service members and their families to get and maintain identification cards.

UK Government to piggy-back on private relationships for public ID? Government may allow people to use their mobile phones and social media profiles as official identification documents for accessing public services.

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