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Twitter: March Biometric Chat – Large Scale Deployments with Accenture’s Cyrille Bataller

UPDATE March 28, 2013:
John has posted the chat transcript at Storify.

March 28, 2013 11:00 am EST, 8:00 am PST, 16:00 pm BST, 17:00 pm (CEST), 23:00 pm (SGT), 0:00 (JST)

Where: (or Twitter hashtag #biometricchat)

Tweet chat on the use of biometric identification for border control, ePassports, visa applications, and voter registration with @CyrilleBataller of @Accenture. Mr. Bataller appears in the video Biometrics and Privacy: A Positive Match available at the Accenture site here. I’d embed it if I could.

Topics: The use of biometrics to secure borders, process visa applications & ePassports, and secure voting registries

More at the M2SYS blog.
UPDATE: Questions for the upcoming chat

Earlier topics have included:
Mobile biometrics
Workforce management
Biometrics in the cloud
Law enforcement
Privacy again
Biometrics for global development

Modalities such as iris and voice have also come in for individual attention.

I always enjoy these. Many thanks to John at M2SYS for putting these together.

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