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UID Back on in Pune

UID phase II begins in rural parts of Pune (Times of India)

According to the district administration, an identity proof, residence and birth date proofs are required at the time of enrollment. After filling up the detailed form, the officials at the centres collect the biometric impressions of fingers and the iris scans of the applicants. After completion of formalities, a 12-digit UID is issued. A receipt is given to the applicant at the time of enrollment and the UID number card is sent by post to the applicant’s address.

It’s good to see UID back at work.

But doesn’t requiring an identity proof, residence and birth date proof before issuing a UID number make it harder to give an ID to those who haven’t been able to get one in the past? I seem to remember that there was some mechanism in the UID system whereby neighbors and relatives could vouch for the identity of undocumented persons to get them an Aadhaar number.

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