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UID in the NYT

The New York Times takes a look at India’s UID program.

India Aims to Keep Money for Poor Out of Others’ Pockets (New York Times)

India has more poor people than any nation on earth, but many of its antipoverty programs end up feeding the rich more than the needy. A new program hopes to change that.

On Jan. 1, India eliminated a raft of bureaucratic middlemen by depositing government pension and scholarship payments directly into the bank accounts of about 245,000 people in 20 of the nation’s hundreds of districts, in a bid to prevent corrupt state and local officials from diverting much of the money to their own pockets. Hundreds of thousands more people will be added to the program in the coming months.

There’s an iris vs. retina faux pas but the article is more about politics and political science than technology.

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