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UID: Over a quarter of a billion served

Over 28 cr Aadhaar numbers generated till Feb (Deccan Herald)

“28,78,41,507 Aadhaar numbers have been generated as on February 28, 2013,” Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs and Planning Rajeev Shulka said in a written reply in Rajya Sabha today.

Andhra Pradesh generated 5.36 crore Aadhaar numbers — the highest in the country–, followed by Maharashtra at 4.85 crore, Kerala at 2.29 crore, Madhya Pradesh at 1.85 crore, Rajasthan at 1.49 crore, Punjab at 1.34 crore, Jharkhand at 1.33 crore, Delhi at 1.29 crore and Tamil Nadu at 1.28 crore, he said.

The government has taken various steps such as increasing number of registrars from 90 to over 100 for speedy Aadhaar generation, uploading resident data packets within 20 days of enrolement, and engaging multiple printers to print Aadhaar letters, the Minister said.

But, there are some problems during enrolment, he said.

“Availability of proper infrastructure such as access to villages, public buildings for enrolment electricity, availability of verifiers appointed by the registrars, are some of the problems being faced during Aadhaar enrolment.”

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