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What happens when you run satellite images through a face recognition engine?

It has been a long time since we’ve had a biometrics in art post…

These Artists Are Mapping the Earth … With Facial Recognition Software (The Atlantic)  

Have you ever looked up into the sky and seen a cloud that vaguely resembles your mom? Or gazed at the twisted trunk of a tree, only to see an old man staring back at you? Then you have experienced pareidolia, the human mind’s tendency to read significance into random stimuli. You have learned what children and poets have long held true: that anything — any place — can be a canvas for a human face.

Source: Cropping ours.

Also: check out the artists’ site: There are a lot more images there.

The way we perceive our environment is a complex procedure. By the help of our vision we are able to recognize friends within a huge crowd, approximate the speed of an oncoming car or simply admire a painting. One of human’s most characteristic features is our desire to detect patterns. We use this ability to penetrate into the detailed secrets of nature. However we also tend to use this ability to enrich our imagination. Hence we recognize meaningful shapes in clouds or detect a great bear upon astrological observations.

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