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What is the best biometric?

I often get asked what is the best biometric modality.

The article below is a good example of why the answer is always, “That depends; what are you trying to accomplish?”

Eye of the Beholder: How Iris Biometrics Could Help Solve Hospital Patient ID Problems (Becker’s Hospital Review)

One of the other major benefits, according to Mr. Powe, is the hands-off approach — literally. Patients do not have to touch any equipment with an iris scan, which helps hospitals in their infection control efforts.

“Since you don’t have to touch it, it’s an infection control measure,” Mr. Powe says. “A lot of people don’t come to the hospital because they are healthy. With palm scanning, you put your hand down, then sanitize it and clean it to keep someone from passing infections. But that’s not the case here. You just sit in a chair, line your eyes up with a camera, take the picture and you’re done.”

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