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Wonderful New World vs. Brave New World

Data Privacy Commissioners Discuss Ubiquitous Tracking (Forbes)

The big question for those gathered here is finding the right mix between government regulations, industry’s best practices and consumer education. In a speech at the conference, Microsoft general counsel and executive vice president Brad Smith agreed that some regulations are necessary to create a level playing field and a clear set of rules for big and small companies to follow while regulators like Portugal’s Clara Guerra acknowledged that big government can’t solve all the risks associated with big data. It’s a shared responsibility and it requires consumer awareness starting with privacy education programs aimed at children as well as adults.

Author Larry Magid strikes an important balance between the wonderful things made possible by technological innovation, the downsides of unaccountable misuse, and the need to help people stay aware of the implications of changing technology on their lives.

I hope his temperament is contagious.

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